What is the cost of the retainer-based program?

The annual fee is $3,600. Additional adult family members receive a 20% discount. There is no fee for family members age 16-21. 
The annual fee can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly and is not covered by your health insurance.

What is included with the annual fee?
The services provided by Dr. Lutz and his staff include routine appointments, yearly physical exams, tests performed in the office and routine vaccinations.

Do I still need my health insurance?
We strongly encourage you to maintain health insurance coverage. Your insurance will still pay for prescriptions, hospitalizations, laboratory tests, radiology studies and care from other doctors (as detailed in your insurance benefits documents).

Can I use my HSA and FSA accounts to pay the annual fee?
Yes, in many cases this is an option.

What if I decide to end my relationship in the future? 
You may cancel at anytime. There is no penalty for early termination, and you will receive a prorated refund based on your date of cancellation.