Modern healthcare challenges demand modern solutions. For years, doctors have been challenged to provide quality care while meeting the increasing demands of the insurance-based healthcare system. Appointments are difficult to schedule. Time with the doctor is scarce. Clinics are rushed and impersonal. The system simply doesn’t encourage effective, comprehensive care.

It is time for a new model in healthcare. To meet the challenges of today’s healthcare system, Kevin Lutz, MD, FACP has developed a program centered on the doctor-patient relationship. Services are now covered by an annual fee. Dr. Kevin Lutz focuses exclusively on the needs of his patients. By limiting enrollment to less than 250 patients (vs. 3,000 in a traditional practice), Dr. Lutz spends much more time with each patient to provide exceptional, individualized care.

You control your healthcare: schedule appointments when you want them, take the time to have your questions answered and enjoy easy access to your doctor.

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Clean Hands

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the single most important thing we can do to keep from getting sick and spreading illness to others is to wash and dry our hands.

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"24/7 access to their doctors. No more rushed appointments."

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